Our 2018 Summer Program Audition Season is closed

Thank you to the 1,000+ dancers who auditioned!

Acceptance is by audition only.

It is highly encouraged to register online, in advance.
Walk-up registrations are subject to space availability.

Advance registration helps expedite the result notification process.

Audition Dates, Locations and Details

From January through February, we travel across the country conducting our annual National Audition Tour. All details about our auditions - including required audition materials, registration instructions, audition tour locations and dates - can be found on our Audition Registration page.

Audition Method

Live Audition at a National Audition Class

Register online, at least one day before your audition, and receive a $10 discount off the audition fee. Visit the Audition Registration page for more information about the process and a list of audition locations.

When to Arrive at the Audition:
Pre-registered dancers: arrive at least 30 minutes before the audition time.
Those not registered in advance: arrive one hour before the audition time.

What to expect at the Audition Class:
The audition consists of an abbreviated ballet class, Repertoire, and concludes with an improvisational component. Please come ready to dance. Although pointe work is generally not requested, ladies should bring pointe shoes. There is no dress code at the LINES Ballet Summer Program, but please wear form-fitting dancewear and style hair neatly away from your face. Most students wear a leotard and tights or shorts, but there is no restriction on color or style.

Video Audition

2018 Video Audition Submission Deadline: February 16
If students are unable to attend a national audition class, they may audition via video (link only, no mailed hard copies accepted). Click here for the list of requirements and our tips on how to create an online audition video. For instructions about submitting your video audition, please visit the Audition Registration page.


Age is used as a general placement guideline. Each student will be individually evaluated and placed in the session that best matches their maturity and technical level.

All students are required to attend the full session. Under no circumstances are students permitted to arrive late or leave early.

Audition Materials

Regardless of your audition method, all prospective students must submit the following materials:

  1. Headshot (4x6 - no larger than 5MB)
  2. Letter of Intent: one page maximum describing your aspirations and intentions as an artist and why you believe our program can help you achieve those goals.
  3. Dance Resume: one page maximum (please include your full contact information at the top of the page)
  4. Audition fee (credit card only. No refunds - dancers may request transfer to another location or method.)

After the Audition

Results of auditions will be sent by email to the primary email on the account. Please allow up to four weeks for audition results processing. We are able to process and notify those registrants who have completed online registrations more quickly.

Note: If you have not received an email four weeks after your audition, please check your junk mail, then contact Summer Program. Include the student's full name, audition location, and primary email provided at registration within the email body.


Pre-Professional Program: June 4 – 30*

Showcase: 8pm Saturday, June 30

Ages 16-25

Advanced Program: July 9 – August 3*

Showcase: 8pm Friday, August 3

Ages 13-18

Junior Program: July 2 – 6*

Ages 11-15

*Plan travel one day before and one day after Program Dates
Advanced Program housing students must arrive at dormitories by 4pm Sunday, July 8.